Dear Fellow Allotmenteers,

Church Street Allotments are opened to plot holders as part of the Governments Guidance about daily exercise. However, please read the notice put up today on the ‘Office’ noticeboard for further information. An email has also been sent with similar information.

Take care and look after each other during these challenging times.

Kindest regards

Emma Pinnegar

Allotment Manager🌻

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Updated Allotment Rules for Plot Holders


  • Allotment rent is due annually on 1st September, payable by 30th September – notices and emails will be issued nearer the time.

Health and Safety

  • All plots are to be kept cultivated, weed free and tidy.
  • All paths and edges to be mown or strimmed.
  • All non – compostable rubbish to be removed from site at all times.
  • No carpet, tyres or other similar items are permitted on site.
  • Only light bonfires after 7pm and when the wind is blowing away from the surrounding houses, to keep peace with our neighbours.
  • This is an open site which is surrounded by public byways so please don’t leave anything valuable on your allotment plot.


  • Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on leads and clean up after them when necessary.
  • No chickens or other livestock (including bees) are permitted on site.


  • Whilst working on the allotment, plot holders need to ensure cars have a displayed parking permit (if you don’t have one, please see me). Polite notices are going to be issued on car window screens where permits are not displayed, with the assumption that the parked car is not an allotment plot owner.
  • When cars on site, they are parked at owners risk.
  • Please park with consideration; spaces are limited.

Add structures to your allotment plot

  • If you would like to put up a shed/greenhouse on site, please contact me first.
  • No large plastic polytunnels are permitted.

Plot Maintenance

All plots are to be kept cultivated and weeds to be disposed of on your own plot where possible. There are a few areas around the edge of the site where weeds and compostable material can be left to rot down.

If you choose to give up your allotment

  • Let me know as soon as you have made your decision, so the plot can be re – allocated before weeds grow! Plots are not transferrable
  • Return parking permit to myself.
  • Ensure personal possessions are cleared from site.

Finally, the rules are in place to ensure a harmonious environment for all Allotmenteers. However, if you are having difficulties managing your plot, please let me know as soon as possible, so that we as plot holders can support you. Owning an Allotment Plot should be fun!

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Fellow Allotmenteers,

This a busy and exciting time of year as we are harvesting our well earned Crops, however this does mean the carpark can become extremely busy. Therefore please ensure consideration is given to fellow car users and make sure that vehicles are parked straight instead of diagonally.

Kindest regards

Emma Pinnegar

Allotment Administrator

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Free Mulch

Fellow Allotmenteers,

We have free wood chippings, which are stored in the carpark for Allotmenteers to use. We also have a weekly supply of used Rabbit bedding in black bin liners next to the office shed. Please return the bags for reuse.

Kindest regards

Emma Pinnegar

Allotment Manager

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Car Parking

Please could all allotment holders display their parking pass when working on the allotments.   This helps to identify those vehicles that use the car park even though they have no connection with the allotment.

There have been occasions when strange cars have been hanging around the car park.  The local Police Community Support Officer will pay attention as and when these become a nuisance.  If you see odd vehicles please let us know of any details, car numbers etc.

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We have had approaches from several sources who have compost or manure for sale.

Mike SMITH can be contacted on 01793 772183 for manure.  He would be more than happy to discuss cost and delivery.

Crappers Potting Shed have informed us that they have both soil improver compost for improving soil structure and a topsoil / compost mix for planting. Both are peat free.   Crappers are based at the landfill site on the Malmesbury Road just past Ballards Ash.

We have also been approached by a lady who is able to supply compost to allotment holders.   For details, prices etc she can be contacted on – 07767 874283

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Swindon Allotments Association (SALGA)

Correctly known as Swindon Allotments & Leisure Gardens Associations (I couldn’t get all the name in the header) it is open to allotment holders to join at a small annual membership fee.

Membership of this Association does give you access to a discounted seed scheme and a ‘potato day’ where you can buy seed potatoes, asparagus, rhubarb crowns, onion and shallot sets.    To see what else SALGA can offer you they do have a website which can be found at:


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